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You’re here because you or someone you love has experienced a sexual trauma. We want to acknowledge you for naming what happened and for showing up now to make a plan to address it.


Whether it was recent or years ago, the wounds associated with sexual trauma deeply impact lives. Hundreds of millions of lives around the world, according to the global body of research that most experts say reflects vastly underreported figures.


Sexual trauma is a widespread epidemic on the level of poverty, infectious disease, starvation, and resource scarcity. Yet most of the people who’ve experienced it would tell you they feel completely isolated and that they are facing the aftermath of it alone.


We don’t want you to feel that way. birdbrain created these resources—which are all available in our comprehensive Field Guide—so that you and the people on this journey with you can have a comforting, educational, and useful outlet. We want to help you process your emotions, understand your options, and serve as a sounding board for identifying the decisions you’ll make that will move you forward. We also want to help you think about how your personal experience fits into the big picture, because our society needs to make a transformational shift toward a sexually healthy world. We want to help you discover how you can be part of making that change on your terms in safe and manageable ways.

helpful resources for free download

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field guide

All of these resources and more are available in birdbrain’s Field Guide.

You can download a free pdf or order hard copies of the workbook and journal.

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support self-help for sexual trauma

The majority of impacted people do not report to authorities or seek treatment. They often don't tell anyone. The people they do tell are usually not equipped to provide support. Help us reach people trying to solve problems and heal on their own.

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