Looking for a manageable resource that will teach you and your loved ones the basics about understanding sexual trauma?


Birdbrain: A Field Guide to the New Normal is a self-guided workbook that helps readers comfortably reflect on the broader issues and the specific circumstances that have directly impacted them. This companion journal  is available for writing personal reflections that come up on the Field Guide journey.


Some of the Field Guide's key features include:

  • an affirming, positive approach
  • stunning visual design that soothes and aspires
  • 1 workbook + 1 companion notebook for written responses — no cramming your thoughts about complex subjects onto two lines! 
  • educational background appropriate for beginners and experts
  • thorough coverage of every impacted area of life
  • journal prompts that gently address what needs to be contemplated
  • encouragement and thought-partnership from our founder, Maegan
  • charts that make tough dynamics seem more manageable!
  • support for strategizing personal recovery approaches
  • support for engaging in healthy, effective activism
  • therapeutic adult coloring book pages for when you need breaks


BULK ORDERS are available at discounted rates. Inquire here.


birdbrain believes the Field Guide should be available to all people who need it. If the cost of the workbook or journal is prohibitive, you can access the free PDF download here


***birdbrain is a queer-founded and operated organization. Our leadership team represents folks of diverse demographics and backgrounds. The Field Guide is designed to include everyone in our definition of a sexually healthy world. We want you to feel safe here.***

birdbrain: A Field Guide to the New Normal (Journal)