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what's birdbrain?

birdbrain is a non-profit for people impacted by sexual trauma. Our mission is to comfort sexual trauma victims and assist members of their support networks throughout the long-term stages of recovery. To achieve this we focus on restorative ways people can feel confident, practice self-care, relate to others, and establish their own individual journey in a society that is not yet designed to accommodate their needs. We do this by showing solidarity through our birdbrain clothing line, providing art therapy kits to ease PTSD symptoms, and offering educational resources like birdbrain: a Field Guide to the New Normal. We recognize that most people who experience sexual trauma don't report it to authorities or seek treatment; that's why our programs are self-guided.  

self-help for sexual trauma



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Our self-guided workbook helps impacted individuals and members of their support networks manage immediate and long-term trauma symptoms as well as interpersonal relationships. The Field Guide also includes an overview of the broader issue and details how to engage in activism.


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Sexual trauma isn't the easiest subject to talk about. We offer a simple way to show solidarity when you don't have the words by wearing birdbrain clothes. birdbrain is stealth; share our mission if you feel like it or let the branding speak for itself. We encourage impacted individuals to assert agency over your own bodies by expressing yourselves with this fashion statement. We encourage everyone who's comfortable to start a conversation with curious folks and send them to our website to get educated. 


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It's common for people who have been directly and adjacently impacted by sexual trauma to experience symptoms like dissociation and hypervigilance. Our coloring exercises offer relief from these symptoms, and they can be done individually or in a group setting. Coloring is a useful tool to incorporate into difficult conversations to reduce anxiety or diffuse tension. 


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Imagine what it would be like if standing up for people impacted by sexual trauma could be a manageable, productive, or even a fun experience? birdbrain offers pop up events to groups and organizations that want to show solidarity, offer art therapy, and get informed. People impacted by sexual trauma are accustomed to silence, confrontation, and controversy. Normalize showing up for us in ways that depict us positively and promote healing and growth. 

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support self-help for sexual trauma

The majority of impacted people do not report to authorities or seek treatment. They often don't tell anyone. The people they do tell are usually not equipped to provide support. Help us reach people trying to solve problems and heal on their own.

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